Hi, I'm Conor Walsh

Your friendly content strategy and SEO expert in Africa.I take complicated ideas and turn them into engaging copy that converts your readers into customers.

"Conor is a skilled and knowledgeable writer and a talented strategist. For the past year, he's always provided excellent service, always smiling, and consistently going out of his way to find new ways to add value to the business.I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any organisation looking to scale its online presence."
- Sean M., Head of Content @ Comparitech -

Data + Creavity = πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Q: What do a bootstrapped spa package marketplace in Kenya and a multi-million dollar eCommerce startup in the US have in common?A: They both rely on data-driven content strategies to grow their businesses. And I've helped both do exactly that.But unlike most SEO agencies, I don't rely on data alone. Content is a creative endeavor, and I love writing too much to reduce it to a bunch of charts and graphs.Instead, we'll work together to find your story, create a narrative, connect with your customers, and then use data to build a strategy that grows your business sustainably.

"Conor has been indispensable in reducing our over-dependence on paid marketing for lead generation. He has boosted our organic traffic and better positioned us in front of our target customer profile.His team has provided actionable steps to improve our on-page performance, and assisted us in creating our content marketing strategy using a data-driven approach.All the above has been achieved within our budgetary constraints, and I am confident that Conor's work will generate significant recurring returns for our business going forward.”
- Michael M., Founder @ SpaDreaming -

How Can I Help You Today?

  • Founder-led Content Strategy

  • Content Automation and AI

  • SEO Content Writing and Editing

  • Content Planning & Management

  • Keyword Research

  • Website and Marketing Audits

  • Content Writer Training

  • Editorial Process Improvements

  • Creating SEO & Editorial SOPs

  • Much More

β€œThe suggestions Conor sent about our sales page were brilliant. He took all the accuracy of my technical writing and molded it into something that speaks directly to the client.”
- Jon S., Web Developer -

Profiles & Interviews

Occasionally, I'm invited to share my story and give my opinions on everything from travel and remote work, to sobriety and dating as an expat.Here are a few highlights that have been recorded via text and podcasts.


Digital Nomads in Africa

We also have the biggest Africa-focused digital nomad community on Facebook. Every day, our 2,000+ members share tips, questions, and inspiration, organise meetups and road trips, and much more.

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Shoot me an email or reach out on Linkedin (that's right, I'm not on Twitter or IG).I may take a while to reply, but it'll happen eventually.

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